French National Ordered to Pay Fine for Theft

black-man-handcuffsFrench national, Serge Dennis Marie Grillon was ordered to pay the Court a forthwith fine of $350 for theft.

Grillon, 53 of Guadeloupe, was on Island visiting his fiancé when the incident occurred on 1st April 2014.

The facts stated that around 10 a.m., the defendant entered Save-A-lot supermarket on the River Bank in Roseau and stole a bottle of Hennessey, 1.77 lbs of mild cheddar cheese and one tray of rib eye steak – a total of $176.03.

He placed a number of items in his grocery basket including the stolen items.

After having a conversation with a supermarket employee the security officer monitored the defendant, who approached the cashier and paid for some of the items.

After he was through cashing, the security officer approached the cashier and in conversation, discovered that Grillion had not paid for some items that the security officer had seen him place into the basket.

When the officer went outside the supermarket to confront the defendant, he observed him removing the cheese and steak from his pocket.

The security officer then searched Grillion’s bag and observed the bottle of Hennessey.

In Court on Friday April 4th 2014, through an interpreter, a tearful Grillon begged for pardon explaining that this was the first time he had gotten in trouble in the 5 years he had been coming to the Island.

Before sentencing Magistrate Alrley Gill said Grillon’s remorse and guilty plea would act in his favour; however, because of his age he ought to have known better.

Grillon’s fiancé who was present in Court, paid the fine and he was released from police custody.

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