French ship to visit Dominica

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Dominica will be graced with the presence of the, “Batral Dumont D’urville” which is a French armed forces ship from Friday the 10th of February, to Monday the 13th of February.


This light transport ship, is the major vessel of the amphibious french force in the west indies.


“Dumont D’urville” is a rather unusual ship; as she has been designed to carry infantry, and various vehicles and land them directly on any beach.


This can be done since the ship has a flat-bottomed stem structure, and more than 400 tons of freight may be loaded onboard, from a peer to a beach.


The main feature of the Batral is her amphibian ability, and it has been designed to convey a “guépard” type company, which consists of 138 men and 20 vehicles.


She regularly operates in Interarmy Missions; in cooperation with other French forces or foreign armies.


The ship also has a the flat deck at the rear, which allows helicopters to land on the ship.


The “Dumont D’urville” carries out a wide variety of missions such as; conveying troops or freight, bringing humanitarian assistance in case of natural disaster, fighting against drug traffickers and rescues at sea.


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