French students praise goodwill school for hospitability

frenchies.jpgStudents of the Goodwill Secondary School, have reason to feel proud of themselves as they received high praises from a group of French students.


The group of 20 students which are from Martinique who attend the College Petit Manoire, spent a week in Dominica from Monday May 21st to Friday May 25th.


They were on island as part of an education program, in which they had to spent two days in a High School learning a subject in English, and the Goodwill Secondary School answered the call.


One of the students says that, the students of the Goodwill Secondary School were very friendly which made them all enjoy the learning experience.


She also said that the experience was a very good one, as it will help them all improve on their English which is very important.


Another student stated that, although the accent of the Dominican students, are different from their own which made it a little challenging at times, the Dominican students were very helpful in making them understand what was being taught.


Ms. Alex Cuffy Montanedo who is an English teacher based in Martinique at the College Petit Manoire, says that it is sad to leave such a beautiful country as Dominica, but they students enjoyed their stay here.


Ms. Montanedo says that this program is to prepare the students, for when they do their bacalowya in about 2 years, which is similar to Dominica’s CXC and A levels, where they will have to do two subjects entirely in English.


She added that although the students were scared before doing the program, after they were very excited and eager to learn more.


Ms. Milia Carmen who is a teacher in charge of discipline at the school says, the students learnt a lot throughout the experience.


The students also sang a French song, which they performed at the Goodwill Secondary School.

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