Front burner priority for Disaster prepardnes in Dominica

The Caribbean Disadisaster preparedness.jpgster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) hosted its 2nd meeting in Dominica on June 24th, 2011.

CDEMA is made up of 18 member countries from across the region, and the purpose of this second meeting was to review the contents of the UN Global Assessment Report (GAR 11) on Disaster Risk Reduction.

The object of GAR is to increase the political and economic commitment to risk reduction and implementation of a risk reduction policy.

The Minister for National Security, Immigration and Labor, the Honorable Mr Rayburn Blackmoore, in his address to the meeting commented that Dominica has reached a stage in its development, where we must put disaster preparedness on the front burner.

Presenting the content of the report Mr. Andrew Maskrey, Coordinator of the Global Assessment Report (GAR), stated that this was the second report of its kind, launched by the United Nations (UN) in May 2011.

Mr. Maskrey commented on the key findings of the report, stating that the report contained a number of analysis including, global risk, trends and patterns, analysis of how countries were doing, based on their self assessments and a gross analysis of information on progress to identify challenges and solutions.


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