Fundraising Jazz Festival

Dr. Rhonda McIntyre

The Old Mill Cultural Centre was filled with excitement as the public gathered on Saturday 18th for a Jazz Festival which was held to raise funds for children with heart conditions.

President of the Children Heart Fund Dr. Rhonda McIntyre says this is a non-profit organization that provides financial treatment for their surgeries and related expenses.

She went on to say that the organization has had many fund-raising events over the years however, this is the first concert.

Dr. McIntyre says her main expectation from the festival is to raise enough funds to prolong the children lives.

She added that there are 2 children in particular that needs help for surgery and evaluations.

Dr. McIntyre says that it brings joy to her heart when has a look at the amount of children that this organization has helped thus far.

She mentioned that most of them are adults now and have recovered incredibly well.



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