Gabriel Christian launches ‘For King and country’

Gabriel Christian launched his book entitled ‘For King and Country’ on August 7th, as part of activities marking the 2010 Literary Festival and Book Fair staged at the University of the West Indies Open Campus Dominica from August 6th to 8th, 2010.


The book which highlights ‘the services and sacrifices of British West Indians’ follows the publication of a first edition entitled ‘the services and sacrifices of Dominican soldiers’.


He said that readers will identify some core principles which should be at the forefront as it relates to the legacy of Dominican soldiers.


“This book teaches love of country, fellowmen, neighbor and love of democracy. A democracy that they nurtured by their service which those of us who survived them ought to continue, because it is noble to do so,” said Christian.


Mr Christian said that the book will serve as good literature that will edify the minds of generations of Dominicans on the history and struggle of its people.


“Dominicans should be reminded of discipline. If we have discipline, we can produce industry, enhance productivity, be good athletes, uphold rule of law and we can write because writing requires discipline,” said Christian.

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