GAG Hosts Geothermal Awareness Forum

drillingoneDr. Bevin Etienne, professor at the University of Maryland says the development of a 140 watt geothermal project is unrealistic for Dominica.

He made this revelation during the first of a series of forums organized by the Geothermal Awareness Group (GAG) on Monday May 27th 2014.

Dr. Etienne, an expert in geothermal and renewable energy believes that a 5 to 8 megawatt plant would be more realistic, given his experience with the output of power.

Meanwhile, Michael Astaphan who holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering says the Government’s proposal to use geothermal energy to drive down electricity prices is not factual. In fact he says the only area they may be able to offer this incentive is in the 30 percent generation.

He also noted that Dominica is founded on the rule of law, referring to the Geothermal Act 18; 8502 of 1974, amended in 1975 by the Labour Party administration of Honourable Patrick John and again in 1986 under the Freedom Party administration.

“..the Act is very clear. It gives the Government the authority to appoint what they call an “authority”, he said. The Act clearly states that the Government cannot promote and regulate geothermal development.

Astaphan says he is concerned for the total disregard of that Act, while he questioned who would regulate and promote the safety of the people and use of geothermal.

Since the inception of the geothermal development project in the Roseau Valley, the group has also been concerned about the timely sharing of information on the plans, implications, prospects and impact of the project.

GAG believes that this forum and others like it will bridge the information gap on geothermal development.

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