Gardens traffic issue

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A number of persons have been expressing their concerns that, the entrance to the botanical gardens located in the university of the west indies area, has no sign for the flow of traffic, which is a recipe for disaster.

When Sat TV arrived to the area, we noticed there is no stop sign before the entrance which aided in the flow of traffic, which there was prior to the gardens wall extension project.

With no stop sign, there is no way to determine who has right of way, in the event there is an accident.

Another concern is that, the entrance doesn’t allow two vehicles to pass at the same time, so if two vehicles are passing through the gate at the same time, especially at a high rate of speed there is no way to avoid a collision.

At this point the only way to pass through this area, since you have no idea of knowing if a vehicle is coming, as we have observed is slowly creeping out through the entrance, and hope someone is not travelling fast and doesn’t see you passing.

On different occasions, there have been near misses of accidents, in this area because of the situation.

Speaking with one of the patrons who was present at the time we were checking out the area, he says a great solution to solve this problem would be mirrors on each end.

The gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous says, if the mirrors would allow motorist to see whether or not traffic is coming ahead of time, which will eliminate the high chance of accidents in this area.

Efforts to reach someone in the traffic department, to speak on the situation proved futile.


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