Gender Advocate Speaks Out Against Gender Violence


Josephine Dublin Prince, Former President of the Dominica National Council of Women

The Dominica National Council of Women (DNCW) was established 27 years ago and to date has been advocates for women and the rights of women in society.

Mrs. Josephine Dublin Prince, former President of the Dominica National Council of Women, explained that the issue of domestic violence is not a private issue.

To show its seriousness on this social issue, the DNCW have collaborated with numerous organizations, including The Bureau of Gender Affairs, The Police, National Youth Council, Social Welfare Division and the Legal Aid Clinic.

It is important for people to understand the need to have a peaceful co-existence and resolve conflicts amicably.

In conclusion she said we should ensure abuse is not part of the home unit and we should assist in eliminating gender based violence.

The Mission of the Council is working together for women and families.



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