Gender Advocate Still Passionate of Raising Age of Consent


Mrs. Delia Weekes

Although she is far from 50,000 signatures, Mrs. Weekes says the petition is still ongoing, with plans to hand all signatures collected along with a cover letter, to the Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit on November 25th 2013.

Interested persons are submitting their signatures via online forms, while others have been completing the forms locally.

“The idea, that this petition is to spoil the fun of the young people, as to send more men to prison, is totally wrong and indicates that many people are not assessing the real cause of the problem.”

Adults should accept responsibility for their actions, so if a grown man is convicted of interfering with a child, he should not blame the child for his actions, she indicated.

Mrs. Weekes explained, as men and women we should not encourage our children to engage in immoral activities, rather we should guide them to positively contribute to society.

She said and I quote; “To our young people, let me appeal to you, you are precious, you are our future, you are gifts from God and you should not let anybody make you think any less of yourself.”

Thus far the petition has over 1200 online signatures excluding the locally signed forms.

She said the work will continue so as to sensitize Dominicans on the importance of increasing the age of consent.

As long as our children are being taken advantage of.

Mrs. Weekes added, that we cannot allow people to take advantage of our children, we need to love and protect them until they can do so for themselves.

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