Georgetown/Glanvilia Committee to Submit Proposal to Government in Land Dispute Matter


Protest at the Portsmouth Bus Stop

Following numerous consultations to resolve a land dispute between the Government and residents of Portsmouth, living in the Glanvilia area, Parliamentary Representative of the Portsmouth Constituency, Honourable Ian Douglas, says they are making progress.

Mr. Douglas noted two weeks ago, the Glanvilia/Georgetown Committee met with the cabinet’s subcommittee and had fruitful and constructive discussions, relating to the Government owned land in Georgetown.

The Prime Minister, in addressing the dispute, stated the persons squatting on Government land in Georgetown, should know that what they are doing is illegal.  This land is allocated for industrial development, he said.

According to Mr. Skerrit, the section of the land that was to be provided for the residents is not where they accommodated, and some have even occupied private land in that area.

However, the residents are adamant that the land was given to them by Geest Industries for residential development.


Protest within the Glanvillia Community

Mr. Douglas says, the consultations are important to ensure there can be some common ground reached between both sides.

When Geest Industries were pulling out of Dominica, Mr. Douglas noted an offer was made to the government of $1-million dollars, to buy out three estates, but the governing body at that time, lacked the finance to do so.

In the 1980’s, under a new government, the money was allocated to purchase the estates and the land was bought from Geest Industries.

The Freedom Party government, who won the 1980 elections, made some of the land available for industrial purposes.

Following numerous election campaigns, the Labour Party parliamentarians and politicians have always championed the cause of the people, stating the land rightfully belonged to the residents of Glanvilia for housing purposes.

Mr. Douglas noted he will continue to stand on the side of his constituents and explained why:


Parliamentary Representative of the Portsmouth Constituency, Honourable Ian Douglas

The residents stated on numerous occasions that, they will not move.

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