Giraudel/Eggleston Flower Show Concludes

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-17h57m05s177On Saturday May 3rd 2014 the Giraudel/Eggleston Flower Growers Group held an official opening ceremony to mark the commencement of the 2014 Flower Show & Market Fair.

Present at the affair were dignitaries including the Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit and Mrs. Skerrit, Parliamentary Representative of Roseau South, Honourable Ambrose George, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Alix Boyd-Knights and Minister for Culture Youth & Sports, Honourable Justina Charles.

During the event, Minister George told the residents that a long anticipated road project will begin soon with an estimated cost of $150,000.

“I want to give you the guarantee and the assurance that within the next few months we’ll have that road constructed properly” he said and begin on the other one once funds become available.

The ceremony was followed by an exquisite exhibition of flowers, twigs, wood and vines.

President of the flower group, Mrs. Stephanie Royer revealed however that the support was not there.

Minister Charles therefore called on the support of the community and other able institutions. This she said is crucial for the sustainability of the festival.

She went a step further and called on landscapers to incorporate the theme into their daily business.

The theme “Creativity with Flowers” was chosen by Tahriq Richards of the Giraudel Primary School.

The show concluded on Monday 5th May 2014.










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