Girls guide annual general meeting

Chief Girls Guide Commissioner Mrs. Agatha Eloi, along with Girls Guides and other Girls Guide officials all met at their Headquarters, located in the St. Mary’s Academy on Saturday May 26th for their Annual General Meeting.


Featured speaker Doctor Ricketts says, the girls guide is having a positive impact on girls, as they can put away all daily pressures, and just focus on themselves as girls.


She said that it is also very important that, the girls are aware of the history of the Girls Guide so they are informed on how it all began, and without the knowledge of its history they may lose track of it purpose.


Mrs. Ricketts says that, the Girls Guide Association of Dominica is the national guiding organization of Dominica, which was founded in 1929.


The girls only organization became an associated member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 1987, and a full member in 2008.


She said that she joined this organization as a browne in 1965, and her first memorable recollection was being part of the welcoming group, of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on February 18th 1966.


Mrs. Ricketts urged the young ladies to take the Girls Guide organization seriously with respect and dignity and this must never be forgotten.


She added that in guiding more fun is derived when they all work and play together as a team, and this is why unity is very important is the organization.


Mrs. Ricketts says that sharing enthusiasm in guiding is very important, as well as being knowledgeable on the rules of guiding and also the roles that a guide is expected to take on being part of the organization.


She went on to say that guiding is a girls game, however being a guide is a responsibility that has to be taken seriously.

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