Girls Guides Hold Annual General Meeting

Attendants of the AGM

Attendants of the AGM

On Saturday, May 18th, the Girls Guides Association of Dominica held their Annual General Meeting at the Girls Guides Headquarters.

Mrs. Janice Thomas who spoke on behalf of the Chief Commissioner, Mrs. Agatha Eloi, said there is a greater need for fund raising efforts and a changed mentality towards fund raising activities.

This, she said, will foster greater success of program implementation and facilitate more participation at regional and international events in the future.

Although low funds made it impossible to meet the demands of many of the new and dormant units, membership in all but the southern districts were increased in 2012.

Members of the Head Table at the AGM

Members of the Head Table at the AGM

In future, action must be taken to revamp the dormant units and to encourage other girls in the southern district to join the movement, said Mrs. Thomas.

She continued to say that finance remains to be an area of much concern for the Girls Guide Association.

Special mention was made of the advocacy team for their outstanding effort in showcasing and marketing guiding to the public and for being the voice for girls, on Weekly Guides in Motion radio program aired on DBS.

Monthly training of adult leaders’ continued, however poor attendance was an impediment to the achievement of stipulated growth.

In an effort to reach out to more adult leaders, a training camp was held in the out district.

Due to the camp’s success the association made a decision to host an adult camp annually. The next camp is scheduled for August 2013.



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