Glanvillia Residents Stand their Ground Over Land Dispute


Kerry Prince, Representative of the Glanvillia Committee

A committee representing the interest of Glanvillia residents, after a meeting with a cabinet subcommittee at Portsmouth on Thursday July 25th, said it was successful.

Residents of Glanvillia are persistent in their cause to occupy 21 acres of land at Georgetown, an area that has been air marked as an industrial zone.

Kerry Prince of the Glanvillia committee, addressed the press conference in Portsmouth last night.

Ms. Prince said the committee went prepared and the cabinet sub-committee was very impressed with the progress of the plan thus far.

According to Ms. Prince, the next step is to prepare a report on the entire situation, which will comprise of a sub division of both the Northern and Southern side of the property.

According to Councilor Sherard Pierre- Louis Glanvillia is entitled to the Georgetown lands.

Portsmouth Residents at Glanvillia Land Dispute Meeting

Portsmouth Residents at Glanvillia Land Dispute Meeting

Mr. Pierre- Louis made it abundantly clear that the Portsmouth constituency can be very influential in determining the outcome of the general electons.

Honourable Ian Douglas has been in support of the cause and the residents of Glanvillia are grateful that he is standing by them as they move forward.

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