Glaucoma week exhibition

Don’t let glaucoma darken your life’ was the theme of world glaucoma week celebrated by the health sector in Dominica.


In recognition of glaucoma week, a glaucoma exhibition was held at the princess Margaret hospital.

The week is observed from March 11 to 17th and seeks to raise awareness on the eye disease.


Addressing a class of first year nursing student’s dr. Rickets says that there are a variety of the diseases that can affect one’s eyes.


Globally glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness after cataracts, but it poses a greater public heath challenge as blindness from glaucoma is irreversible and as the world’s population ages the number of persons with glaucoma will increase.


It is the leading cause of irreversible blindness.

It can be estimated that there are over 1500 persons living with glaucoma in dominica and can affect persons of all ages.


In addition to the exhibition, an ophthalmologist was present giving free check ups to visitors to the exhibit to test for eye pressure that can identify the risk of glaucoma.

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