Global Fire Donates Gear to Dominica Fire Services and Volunteer Groups

Equipement Donated by Global Fire

Equipement Donated by Global Fire

The Dominica Fire Station can be thankful as they received new gear from The Global Fire institute on Monday January 14th.

Some of the gear included, protective hats, uniforms, jackets and boots.

Global Fire Representative Mr. Patrick Bradley is a fire fighter with Global Fire as well as a professional fire fighter in Canada with the London Department.

He says the equipment that is being donated is part of a program done by Nation Fire to train persons in countries like Dominica in search and rescue missions, on land and sea.

Chief Fire Officer Mr. Josiah Dupuis expressed his gratitude on behalf of the fire services in Dominica.

Patrick Bradley, Global Fire

Patrick Bradley, Global Fire

He said this is a proven fact that Global Fire works with us to better our services.

Mr. Dupuis says he is impressed with the level of commitment that they have shown and he wishes them nothing but the best.

The training is a 6 day course which ends on January 15th, 2013, which included volunteers from Calibishie, Kalinago Territory and Bioche areas.

The donation consists of some 1500 pounds of equipment.

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