Goodwill Primary Commemorates World Earth Day 2013


Student from the Goodwill Primary School involved in tree planting project

Students from the Goodwill Primary School were told of the importance of planting trees as they celebrated world earth day on Monday 22nd.

The students were encouraged to keep the Nature Island of Dominica clean, pristine and green.

They were also educated on the three R’s reduce, reuse and recycle; by reducing the amount of waste generated, reuse waste and recycling materials through combustion, is beneficial in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

Ms. Kathleen Cuffy, from The Discover Dominica Authority said World Earth Day is being held globally in support of environmental protection.


Ms. Kathleen Cuffy, Head of Product Development at Discover Dominica Authority, addressing the Students on climate change

She stated the theme for this year is “The Face of Climate Change” where it seeks to place a human face to the dangers associated with global climate change.

Ms. Cuffy urged students and adults to play their part in preserving the environment by conserving water and watering plants.

“The earth is what we all have in common”, said Kimisha Thomas a representative from the Environmental Coordinating Unit. She advised the students to be reminded of their moral obligation to take care of the environment.

She said climate change is the most difficult environmental challenge of our time.

Mr. Francisco Maffi from the Forestry Division gave a more technical insight on what is forestry.

He said plants are important because it helps trap all the pollution and recycles it into oxygen, which is needed for us to breathe .

Mr. Maffi said without plants there will be no survival of humans; he said that deforestation is responsible for heat increase, lack of food supplies and the rise of the seal level.



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