Goodwill Primary School Festival

GOODWILL-PRIMARY-SCHOOL.jpgThe first major French Festival was hosted at the Goodwill primary School where other primary schools participated in this event. The school was filled with students and their French displays as well as supportive parents and teachers.

Teacher at the Marigot Primary School Ms. Andrea Andrew says this is not the first event the Marigot Primary School has participated in but it is a great honor to be here.

Ms. Andrew goes into further details about her students’ presentation.

French Coordinator (Ministry of Education) Ms. Mary-Ann Augustus Francis says it is a lovely sight to see the students taking an interest in a foreign language and she applauds the students for their efforts and dedication.

Two people were honored for major contributions which they did in the past and now.

They are Madame Sonia Akpa and Mrs. Jermainia Didier.

Madam Akpa says she has always been in love with the French language and she still is to this day. She also feels honored to have been recognized today.

She believes the French culture is unique as well as interesting.

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