Goodwill Reunion Committe donates books to the PMH

The Goodwill Reunion Committee, spearheaded under Mr Albert Bannis, launched the ’Hesketh Casimir library’ to mark their 2010 reunion celebrations on Tuesday August 3rd at the Princess Margaret Hospital. This event was geared at observing the PMH’s devotion and loyalty to the people of the Roseau North constituency and Dominica by extension. Mr Bannis said that the Princess Margaret Hospital serves as a pillar in the community hence the motive behind the library’s inception.


“I had no interaction with books or anything when I was admitted to the hospital. So when the discussion came up on what we are going to do, we partnered with Ms Shawnie Dechaussee who is the Director of the Literacy and Education services. So we are here today to provide a literacy space which will hopefully in time transform into a full blown library,” said Mr Bannis.


Mr Hesketh Casimir expressed gratitude to the Goodwill Reunion Committee for making this unforgettable mark in his life.


“I don’t know how to thank you and sometimes people do things feeling that nobody cares but it took people from my own community to alert everyone from my own community and the rest of Dominca to recognise what I have attempted to do for the country,” Mr Casimir said.


An elated Ms Jeanetta Williams, the PMH Service Co-ordinator said that she is content that the Reunion Committee has acknowledged the need for this very convenient donation to the PMH.


Ms Williams said, “We are thankful that the Goodwill Reunion Community could see that literacy plays an important part in the complete patient care experience at the hospital .We appreciate and recognize that we don’t only deal with the physical and medical but keep with our mission statement, “to behold care of patient.”


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