Goodwill Reunion Committee’s ‘Tribute to senior citizens’

As we all know, the senior citizens play a vital role in the society as they nurture, care, guide and instill morals and values into the younger generation. In effort to show appreciation to the senior citizens of the Roseau North constituency, the Goodwill Reunion Committee held ‘Tribute to senior citizens’ last evening, August 10th at the Goodwill Primary School as part of activities marking their 2010 reunion celebrations. One member of the goodwill reunion committee, Ms Yolanda Maison Shillingford said that while persons should guide and care for the young, they must also remember the senior citizens.


 “It’s just an evening where we brought them out. We have co-organised this event with Ms Heather Julien and we are just going to have live entertainment with fun games and just a night for them to come out and take a break and relax. We have also intertwined the young kids so seniors will be serenaded by everyone across the ages,” said Ms Shillingford.

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