Goodwill School Fundraising Walk

A number of students and teachers of the Goodwill Primary School, along with their parents were all walking in the name of a worthy cause, when they were seen in large groups walking under the Canefield cliff.


Speaking with Ms. Elizabeth Serrant, the Deputy Principal of the morning shift at the school she says that, this walk was organized to raise funds for the school.


Ms. Serrant said the initial plan was to walk from the Goodwill Primary School to the Brizee’s Mart Supermarket in Canefield, but as a result of the lack of sidewalks along this route and high vehicular traffic, the walk was cut short to the Rockaway Beach in Canefield.


Ms. Serrant pointed out that there are number things that the school needs so they decide to help themselves out since they can do so.


The Deputy Principal says that the students were all excited to go on the walk, since they would be have been home idle.


Ms. Serrant went on to say although the children have been doing well, they are still having difficulties at times like many other schools do also but they are doing their best to work with the children.

The Deputy Principal is urging parents to play a more active role in their children’s education, since they spend more time at home and not at school.

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