Goodwill Secondary School Graduation 2012

“Completing one chapter gives the confidence and determination to move on.”

That was the theme of the Goodwill Secondary School’s Graduation ceremony where 92 students completed their high school journey.

Nine years ago, Jeanette Lanquedoc, featured speaker at the ceremony, sat in the same seats s the graduates.

She says she was fearful of the future, anxious about fulfilling her desires and apprehensive about the uncertainty of life.

She asked them to remember that life doesn’t always go as planned, that true success is the way you handle the highs and lows, it is in these times your true character is revealed.

She emphasized that the school which nurtured, trained and guided them for the past years is no ordinary school.

A dance presentation was given by a few students.

Honourable Julius Timothy, Minister of Health, says that their achievement today is noteworthy but this should only be the beginning of a long successful journey for them.

The students were presented with their diplomas.

Valedictorian, Jereen Leblanc says in addition to her peers, she owes gratitude to the teachers who taught her and those who didn’t.

Speacial thanks was given to her mentor and English teacher, Ms. Noreen Graham.

She wants to exort her fellow graduates to give back in whatever way they can to former school.

The graduates also presented a song.

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