Government and Opposition for Regional Integration


Hector John, Leader of the Oppostion

Government and opposition leaders of Dominica have guaranteed their support to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economic Union’s consultation, hosted from Wednesday 12th June at the Fort Young Hotel.

One benefit of the Union is that it provides opportunities for economic advancement through the private sector in the sub region.

Hence opposition leader, Mr. Hector John’s, referral to the private sector to take full advantage of the wide range of opportunities that the Economic Union offers.

“The common market gives immediate access to about 600,000 potential customers; it will automatically add value to goods and services within the OECS region and in the process increase financial returns,” he said.

An avenue for effective collaborative engagement is created, where organizations can bring their limited resources together towards achieving common goals.


Dr. Colin McIntyre, Minister for Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs

The Minister for Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Collin McIntyre, urged Dominicans to put parties and politics aside and instead work together to accomplish regional integration.

“The creation of a single financial economic space will provide the opportunity for Labour and capital to move freely, establish enterprises and for the elimination of barriers to trade between the islands,” he said. “The fully functional Economic Union will allow citizens to travel hassle free that is with minimal immigration formalities even without a passport and only with a picture ID.”

He called for greater participation from key partners, including Churches, Trade Unions and the private sector to determine the best path for regional integration.

Meanwhile, Honourable Charles Savarin, Minister for National Security, Immigration and Labour emphasized on the areas where OECS integration

It is believed that the deepening of OECS integration will have a positive effect on the wider Caribbean Communities.




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