Government and the Jacqueline Theodore land dispute to be re-assessed

Solicitors for a former parliamentarian, Jacqueline Theodore and Attorney General Levi Peters, representing the government, met this on Wednesday at the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal, as they continued a long standing land dispute matter between the parties.


The matter was brought to the court of appeal by the government after a tribunal awarded Theodore in excess of three million dollars; a sum they believe exceeded the cost of damages incurred to her property.


After intense deliberations at the court of appeal on Tuesday, the court ruled that an independent evaluator would be consulted to provide a suitable valuation of the damages to be paid by the government.


Both parties along with the judges agreed that there were major disparities and inconsistencies in the assessment of the damages for the property in question.


Reports indicated that after the tribunal, the government had already paid Theodore in excess of $210,000, but stopped making payments after they filed their appeal.

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