Government Approves of National ID Cards

Hector John

Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Hector John

According to the Minister of Health, Honorable Julius Timothy, Dominica is expected to receive over a hundred thousand National ID Cards by the end of this year.

Speaking at a Dominica Labour Party rally on Tuesday night in Roseau, Mr. Timothy noted, that the Cabinet gave their word to provide ninety-six thousand US dollars for the first 100,000 cards.

The Electoral Commission will begin to issue identification cards before the end of this year. Therefore, the national ID cards should be ready and issued.

Mr. Timothy said the chief reason the United Workers Party is requesting voter ID cards, is to try to exclude certain Dominicans. However, they are sadly mistaking.

Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector John, strongly disagrees with this statement. Mr. John noted, that he is elated that the Government understands the importance of the National ID Cards.

He added that these requirements should be set by the Electoral Commission. “It makes no sense having the National ID Cards and the necessary requirements are not met,” he added.

Mr. Julius Timothy

Minister of Health, Honorable Julius Timothy

Mr. John also stated, that Mr. Lennox Honeychurch’s statement on members of the Opposition being vertical terrorists is absolutely unfortunate.

He says he is kindly asking Mr. Honeychurch to issue a public statement as well as a public apology to the people of Dominica and the Opposition.

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