Government Invest Millions in Reliable Water Supplies

cessnock-water-supply-upgrade-how-does-a-reservoir-work_CessnockThe Government of Dominica’s goal of providing one hundred per cent (100%) coverage of safe and reliable potable water is being demonstrated with the on-going West Coast Water Supply project.

An amount of $5,475, 211 was spent on the project, during the period January to June of 2013.

The thirty million dollar West Coast Water Supply project is made possible through a grant of twenty-one million dollars from the European Union and nine million dollars from the Government of Dominica.

The project is organized through three lots and will consolidate nine different water systems into one modern unit, serving communities from Capuchin to Salisbury. This will improve coverage and water quality for these communities.

Lot 1, which is currently on-going, involves the construction of two 40,000 imperial gallon tanks with modern filtration systems and intakes in Picard and Coulibistrie and is expected to be completed in early 2014.

Lot 2, which has already been completed, was constructed together with the construction of the E. O. Leblanc Highway project and involved the laying of thirty-two kilometres of pipes.

Lot 3 involves the construction of nine storage tanks, which will serve the various communities from Capuchin to Salisbury and is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

The Dominica Labour Party Government has fulfilled page thirty-six of the 2009 Manifesto, “ensuring that every community in Dominica has a reliable potable water supply” is part of government’s commitment to enhancing rural life.

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