Government Launches Employment Programme

The newly initiated National Employment programme of the Ministry of Employment, Trade, Industry and Diaspora vlcsnap-2013-12-03-15h58m24s169Affairs, was officially launched at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Monday December 2nd 2013.

Honourable John Collin McIntyre, Minister for Trade, Industry and Diaspora Affairs noted, the Government is keeping good on their promise for job creation and opportunities here in Dominica.

The national employment programme launched today, discoursed several busvlcsnap-2013-12-03-15h58m53s191iness opportunities including; on the job training and mentorship programme, graduate internships and marketing assistant programmes.

Following the launching, a Trade and Employment Expo exhibiting businesses and their products was hosted.

In an address to the crowd, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance said, he considers the two programmes to be a “perfect mix”.

According to the Prime Minister as adults and decision makers “we cannot wish our young people away because there is a recession and finances are limited”.

He further urged employers not to overlook the value of the interns and pressed the young recruits to be mindful of their attitudes in the work place, as it will affect their future stints.vlcsnap-2013-12-03-16h03m21s69

In 2008, the Government of Dominica created the Small Business Support Unit to financially assist micro and small businesses.

The mission of the agency has since then been extended to include development and implementation of programmes for employment generation and job creation.


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