vlcsnap-2014-02-18-15h46m30s34Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, addressed hundreds of young people on Sunday February 16th, at the launch of the Grand Fond Labour Youth Organization (LYO).

However, for the better part of his speech he used the opportunity to campaign against the Opposition, United Workers Party.

“When you look at what is being offered to you as an alternative to this Labour Party Government, there is no way on God’s earth, the young people and the people of Dominica can vote in the Workers party back into office.”

He said the people who are putting themselves forward to lead this country have no record of loving Dominicans or Dominica and that they have no record of service to Dominica.vlcsnap-2014-02-18-15h46m35s119

The Prime Minister noted, what the Labour Party has done in 14 years, is build solid relationships to benefit every single Dominican.

He says, their Foreign Policy has been used to bring increased revenue to the Treasury of Dominica, rather than imposing additional taxes.

Mr. Skerrit urged the young persons in attendance to help the Government build a better Dominica.




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