Government of Dominica and EU hands over a $ 400,000.00 tourism facility to the community of Layou



Residents of Layou and its environs were very elated after a four hundred thousand dollar ($400,000.00) facility was handed over to the Layou Improvement Community yesterday, December 2nd 2010 by the Government of Dominica through the Tourism Sector Development Programme.


The facility which was funded by the Government of Dominica and European Union (EU) contains four food vending unit, two juice bars, craft shops, washroom and changing room facilities and a reception area.


Chairman of the Layou Improvement Committee Mr Lazare Charles, says although this facility will be create job opportunities for many residents in the community, the inception of  a nearby asphalt plant is not keeping with the vision of neither the committee nor the tourism industry.


“We are still continuing to make the best out of this facility because we already have our goals set,” said the Chairman.


Mr Edward Lambert, National Authorizing Officer advised the members of the Layou Improvement Committee to monitor the different climate changes in the Caribbean since it has a tendency to hinder and destroy many tourism projects in the region.


He said, “ an article has said that approximately three hundred and seventy tourism sites  in the Caribbean are likely to suffer adverse effects as a result of climate change.”


Parliamentary Representative for the St Joseph Constituency, Honourable Kelver Darroux, says he is quite impressed with the drastic changes that the committee has made over the past two years since as he believes that the community of Layou has been on the back burner for too long.


Honourable Kelver Darroux said, “these changes has been as a result of the dedicated and committed service by the Layou Improvement Committee.”


Minister of Tourism, Honourable Ian Douglas says the establishment of this project fits perfectly into the vision of the Government of Dominica which is to incorporate as many communities as possible into the tourism development plan.

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