Government plans to launch a National Beneficiary Identification System (NBIS) to reduce poverty

The government of Dominica is planning to launch a National Beneficiary Identification System (NBIS) to enhance its social and safety net programs with the intention of reducing poverty on the island. This pronouncement was made by Telecommunications Minister, Honorable Ambrose George while speaking at a national consultation on the country poverty assessment recently.



Mr George said that this system will involve the strengthening of a modern social information system to ensure proper coordination and monitoring of all social and safety net programs.

‘I am pleased to announce that through the growth and social protection technical assistance protection strategy, funded by this government, the European Union and the World Bank, we are about to launch very soon, a National Beneficiary Identification System. This new system will be aimed at reducing the poverty levels in Dominica,’ said George.


Mr George said that one of the overall goals of the program is to enhance government’s effectiveness in delivering public goods and services by strengthening the institutional capacity of key agencies. He added that this new system will focus on the ‘poorest of the poor’.


According to him, ‘through the National Beneficiary Identification System, we’ll be better able to classify applicants’ social programmes in an equitable way and consequently improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our safety net programme. However, I must note here that the programme will target the most vulnerable citizens around the island.’


The recent Country Poverty Assessment (CPA) showed that poverty in Dominica fell from 39 percent in 2003 to 28.8 percent in 2009.

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