“Government Supports Early Childhood Education and Skill Trade,” says Hon. Austrie


Minister of Housing, Lands, and Telecommunications, Honourable Reginald Austrie

Minister of Housing, Lands, and Telecommunications, Honourable Reginald Austrie, has said that the Government of Dominica highly supports Early Childhood Education.

This statement, was made during the closing ceremony of the Technical and Enhancement Project in Penville on Wednesday, August 16th.

He says, they will continue to ensure that Early Childhood Education becomes universal- children between the ages of 3-5, will have an opportunity to attend an educational institution.

Mr. Austrie also requested of the participants, as well as the general public, not to refer to themselves as “drop outs”, as drop outs are individuals on the road sides.

There are several individuals with PHDs and other qualifications, who are security guards today, because they can’t find any other employment; however, there is always a job available for the person with the skill to do, he explained.

Mr. Austrie also advised the individuals to take advice. “Knowing how to use a wood saw, does not make you a professional”, he stated.

He continued to advise them to stick to what they do know, because it is difficult to find someone to conduct basic repairs around the household.

This year, the Government has invested one million dollars towards an entrepreneurship program.  In that program, the participants will be attached with a contractor, to learn what he has majored in.

Both the contractor and that individual will be paid.

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