Government to Assist in Establishment of Monument


Kalinagos during Monument Day

The Kalinago people have seen the need to enhance the Pond Casse area by establishing a monument in the honour of the Kalinago nation of Dominica.

Kalinago week which is observed annually was deemed special this year as the official opening ceremony was held on September 18th, to commemorate this week’s activities.

The Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence, commended the Carib Council and social groups for contributing to the prominence and recognition of the Kalinago culture.

Ashton Graneau, the Parliamentary representative for the Kalinago Constituency, emphasized on the need for a monument to be erected, which will contribute greatly to various aspects related to the Kalinago people.

Honourable Reginald Austrie, Acting Prime Minister, told the Kalinagos that the Government is fully supportive in their dreams and aspirations to set up a monument in their honour.


Ashton Graneau, the Parliamentary representative for the Kalinago Constituency

Honourable Austrie urged the Kalinagos to raise the bar for economic and social development within the territory.

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