Government to impose stiffer penalties to reduce levels of crime on the island

Cabinet will meet this week to review the criminal act and legislations governing law and order on the island, as part of a series of measures to reduce increased levels of crime in Dominica.


Acting Prime Minister Honorable Reginald Austrie said that they believe that one of the ways to reduce the growing crime level is to impose stiffer penalties on the perpetrators.


The government recently took a decision to declare last weekend, October 2ndand 3rdas ‘national day of prayer’, calling on local churches to engage in prayer for the nation after the island recorded six murders in fourteen days.


The Minister said that the fact that most of these crimes are perpetuated by young people is also a great concern for the government. He cited a lack of positive role models in the home and society in general, as one of the leading causes for such violence among the island’s youth.


The Acting Prime Minister said that while the police and other law enforcement agencies are doing their best to curb violence, it is also the responsibility of the entire community to foster peace and love in the nation.


Last weekend evangelical churches on the island also held a march and prayer rally in Roseau, in support of actions geared at reducing crime levels on the island.


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