Government to Invest in well-being of the Elderly


Edward Lambert, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister

Edward Lambert, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, said that the Government has crafted particular policies to safeguard the elderly.

Mr. Lambert, who spoke on behalf of the Prime Minister, at the 18th Annual General Meeting of the Dominica Council of Ageing, on May 30th, had this to say in his presentation.

The elderly are now the beneficiaries of direct administrative support from Government in addition to an annual subvention.

He also called on the Dominica Council of Aging (DCOA) INC. to develop a data base in order to keep records of the skills and knowledge of its members, making it available to all agencies including Government.


Members at Dominica Council on Ageing, AGM

The Advisor urged the council to work with the Government to devise mechanisms to empower persons to benefit from the Dominica Social Security Scheme.

Mr. Lambert reminded the council to keep within their motto, “care, cooperation, commitment”, calling on those deprived to become contributors of the organization in some way.

Meanwhile a presentation was  made to Dominica’s oldest Centenarian, Mr. Wenarles Frederick Williams, from Colihaut,who was  born in 1912.

This year’s AGM was held under the theme “Ageing: A Fountain of National Human Resource Capacity.”

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