Government to invest over $ 30 Million dollars in Dominica’s water supply system


Dominica’s Water and Sewage Company ( DOWASCO) and the Government of Dominica is planning to invest a substantial amount of money into the country’s water supply system, during 2011.


This disclosure was made by the General Manager of the company Mr. Bernard Ettinoffe during an interview with SAT TV News on Wednesday January 12th, 2011.


He says the amount to be invested is in excess of $30 Million dollars.


Among the many projects to be undertaken during the New Year are the much anticipated $20 Million dollars west coast project which is schedule to begin by mid February.


There is also the long awaited Morne Bruce storage tank which is expected to serve the areas of lower Kingshill, Roseau and the cruise ships.


The construction of the 500, 000 gallon storage tank is expected to begin in February.


This project will compliment ongoing works in water area 1, which is from Mero to Castle Comfort as well as works in the Antrim/Springfield area which includes the installation of a modern membrane filtration plant which costs approximately $2.9 Million dollars.


In addition, DOWASCO also intends to replace all the pipelines from Layou to Canefield in preparation for the surfacing of the West Coast road.


According to Mr. Ettinoffe, government has already made $1.9 Million dollars available to DOWASCO for the purchase of the pipelines.


The excavation works associated with that project is in excess of $2 Million dollars.


Mr. Ettinoffe is advising customers, motorists, pedestrians and property owners to be patient during the construction phase of these projects.


He says there is absolutely no doubt that the projects which are aimed at improving the regularity and standard of DOWASCO’s water supply will improve the quality of life of the populace upon completion.

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