Government to provide assistance to Wincrop and to the Agricultural Horticulture Programme


Banana Farmers as well as farmers, who are involved in the production of Horticulture, can expect to receive the much needed assistance from government, soon.


Minister for Agriculture Honourable Matthew Walter made this disclosure while addressing last week Parliaments’ proceedings.

He says an amount of $280,000.00 was advanced to Wincrop to facilitate timely indemnity payments to banana farmers who were affected by the passage of Hurricane Tomas on October 30th, 2011.


“It is the responsibility of every government in the respective banana producing grouping to ensure that the banana farmers are not severely affected by the effects of natural disaster and that they are provided with incentives and subsidies to guarantee their subsistence and livelihood.”


He says they will also continue to support the Horticulture Programme which is specifically designed to respond to the challenges that farmers are currently experiencing with respect to low agricultural production.


“Presently, I must confess that the programme is doing well because we have seen a surge in all the areas of crop production such as Dasheen, Yams, Tarnia, Passion fruits, Pineapples, Sweet Potatoes and Ginger,” Walter boasted.

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