Graduation Ceremony of Back Yard Gardening Programme

vlcsnap-2014-06-28-12h14m06s167A number of persons in the Laplaine district, on Thursday June 26th, graduated from a Backyard Garden Enhancement Project, focused on inspiring the planting of healthy crops for consumption.


The project was originally designed to combat micro nutrient deficiencies in the Laplaine district and to help promote healthy eating and formalization of backyard gardens.

According to a research that was conducted in the area, people of the South East were not putting enough effort into the cultivation of crops that would ultimately improve their health.

Speaking at the ceremony, Honourable Ivor Stephenson, Parliamentary Representative for the Riviere Cyrique constituency said this approach must be seriously changed.

“It may appear that we are moving towards the swing of the advertisements on media where we engage in a number of foods which have nothing to do with our own nutrition and our own health and well-being”, he noted.

The project was officially introduced on October 16th 2013 as part of World Food Day.

The participants were exposed to strategies outlined in the Farmer Field School Programme, developed to help farmers tailor their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to diverse and dynamic environmental conditions.

Keian Stephenson, Extension Officer/Master Trainer at Farmer Field School agreed that the farmer field methodology was the best to be used given that the majority of the participants had no former knowledge in backyard gardening.

Crops grown in the garden included; bell peppers, Chinese cabbage, beet, and carrots.

Participants were also given seeds to begin their own backyard gardens.

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