Graduation of RSS Instructors Training

Sat Telecoms2013-12-17-16h59m28s237The Regional Training Institute has completed training of new recruits for its training syllabus here in Dominica.

The one week workshop was the third in a series of the Regional Security System (RSS) training.


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Mr. Gerald Phillip, Lead Facilitator of RSS says while there may be a number of adverse comments coming from the police, there is a need to improve delivery to accommodate the 21st century; a need not just for the RSS but also for individual police forces.

Mr. Phillips said there is a need to encourage critical thinking, to address, analyze and find solutions to problems.



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Ms. Yvonne Alexander, RSS Director of Training remarked that the Regional Security System will continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of the Regional States.

RSS provides training for the Special Services Unit, Maritime and Coast Guard units.

Workshop participants included members of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force and the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

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