Gramps Morgan says Reggae Meets Boyoun will be Historical

Roy “Gramps” Morgan

Roy “Gramps” Morgan

Dominicans attending the first ever Reggae Meets Boyoun concert on Saturday June 7th will be in for a treat, as headline artiste Roy “Gramps” Morgan says anything can happen as it relates to a Reggae & Boyoun collaboration.

He noted Dominicans will feel the real beat of Reggae music from him being backed up by a local band.

Gramps stated, Reggae is different in many parts of the world, however, Jamaica is the land of Reggae music and this show will teach Dominican musicians the authentic Reggae music, in addition to him learning from them.

The artiste noted, it will be a historic concert so everyone should ensure they attend this special occasion.

Morgan noted, he did not travel with his band for the concert as he is going to prove that it is possible to successfully perform with different musicians.

“It just goes to show that once we get the opportunity we can expand and that’s why I’m in the studio working on a country album which is fused with Reggae and RnB,” Morgan added.

The Reggae meets Boyoun extravaganza is part of DaneJah Entertainment’s mandate to spike the music and entertainment business to an all-time high; combining popular Caribbean and international artists with top local acts.


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