Gramps Morgan Tour to Highlight Importance of Education to Youth

Reggae artiste Roy "Gramps" Morgan

Reggae artiste Roy “Gramps” Morgan

Reggae artiste Roy “Gramps” Morgan, who will be on Island to perform at the inaugural ‘Reggae Meets Boyoun’ show scheduled to take place on Saturday June 7th 2014 at the Sisserou Hotel from 9:00 pm, will also be hosting a high school tour at the Pierre Charles Secondary School.

According to show promoter, Dane Smalling, the tour which will take place on Friday June 6th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, will highlight the importance of education to the youth.

The first high school featured dancehall artiste Jah Vinci in 2013 which he said was a success.

“Education is something we have to stress on, because a lot of young persons want to go into the art form of music or dancing, and they tend to think they have the talent which is enough to succeed without really focusing on school work, but they need to know even with the talent with education their talent will be highly appreciated as it will add value to each individual,” Smalling explained.

The promoter stated, the artiste will also speak on peer pressure, abstinence, and sexually transmitted disease and infections.

He noted, Gramps was very excited about the idea for the tour and is patiently waiting to arrive on Island to speak to the youth, and then exceed all expectations during his performance at the show the following day.

“This one is totally different as it is a concept that I had since I came to Dominica six years ago and being from Jamaica – the land of Reggae and living in Dominica – the land of Boyoun, I saw the need to fuse the two genres together,” explained Smalling.

Smalling stated, the concept of the show ‘Reggae Meets Boyoun’ is all in the effort to fuse the two genres of music.

Triple Kay Global is the main local band performing, however Angel D, Divine Songz, Mel C, Beno and Gholda will open the show.

show promoter, Dane Smalling

Show promoter, Dane Smalling

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