Grand Bay Man Attempts to Defraud Customs Department!

arrestsEsan Benjamin of Grand Bay is on $5,000 bond for an indictable offence and was also fined $250 for possession of cannabis.

The 22 year old was charged for intending to defraud revenue from the Customs Department, keeping articles of clothing, a tablet, caps and other items that were not paid for.

That charge is indictable and a preliminary inquiry is set for September 8th, 2014.

Laura Williams stood as Benjamin’s surety for the indictable offence.

Benjamin pled guilty to the charge of possession of cannabis.

The cannabis was found in Benjamin’s belongings on May 16th 2014, at the police headquarters in Roseau.

He offered police the explanation that the cannabis belonged to him adding “I am a smoker”.

In mitigation, his attorney Peter Alleyne begged the court to be lenient, noting that his client had cooperated with police.

The $250 fine is payable by June 19th 2014, or in default Benjamin will spend 1 week in prison.


Meanwhile Junior Charles also of Grand Bay was charged for attempting to defraud the Customs Department for failure to pay for chargeable goods.

Some of the items Charles had in his possession included a 42 inch flat screen TV, clothing, 3 hats, Nike sneakers, a Sony PlayStation and a tablet.

He too was placed on $5,000 bail and is to reappear in court on September 8th 2014 for a preliminary inquiry.



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