Grand Bay Man Fined for Cannabis Possession

Cannabis trees

Cannabis trees

Asa George of Grand Bay has been fined $750 for intent to supply 180 grams of cannabis and has been remanded on two other charges.

George was also charged with possession and cultivation of the illegal substance.

The incident occurred on June 15th, when police executed a search warrant at the home of the defendant.

During their search, police found a quantity of cannabis in a plastic bag on a chair in the living room and another on a table.

He told police it was cannabis and when asked if he had any other illegal substance he told police he had a few plants in the yard.

12 plants were uprooted.

During his mitigation plea George told Magistrate Arley Gill that he was a young man expecting a child and he was simply trying to survive.

On the charges of possession and cultivation the 34 year old was reprimanded.

The $750 fine for intent to supply is payable by September 16th or in default 1 month in prison.

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