Grand Bay Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing a Cell Phone

stolen-cellphoneA Grand Bay woman who recently lost her cell phone at a fast food establishment in the city has pleaded guilty to stealing a cell phone at that same establishment on 1st April 2014.

Tisha Tonge-Loblack had entered Pizza Hut delivery (PHD) on Cork Street in Roseau and stolen a $1,500 Samsung Galaxy note 2.

The facts stated that the complainant Jona Valarie had visited PHD to make a purchase and placed his phone on the waiting bench while he spoke to the cashier.

He then exited the building leaving his phone behind.

Moments after the defendant entered PHD and saw the cellphone on the bench.

She sat on the bench, took the cell phone, removed the battery, placed it in her handbag and left.

While in town she met a cousin of hers from Grand Bay and gave her the phone to take up to the village.

Valarie returned to PHD sometime later in search of his phone but could not find it and reported that to the cashier and head of security, who proceeded to go through the security surveillance footage and observed Tongue-Loblack placing the phone into her bag.

Later that day, the defendant was seen on the surveillance camera at Save-A-Lot supermarket and was approached by the same security guard who is also the head of security at that establishment, and informed of the incident at PHD earlier that day.

She apologized to the complainant who was present in Court.

Tonge-Loblack was placed on bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for 6 months or in default she will be sentenced to 1 month in prison.


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