GrandBay Resident Charged for the Attempted Murder of Elvis Watt

court3.jpgOn December 28th, Fitzroy Joseph of GrandBay has been charged with the attempted murder of Mr. Elvis Watt of GrandBay.

The incident took place on December 23rd 2012 at Grand Coulibrie, GrandBay where Mr. Watt sustained a gunshot wound to his stomach.

He is currently a patient at the ICU of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The prosecution objected to bail due to the fact that Mr. Watt was still in the ICU at the PMH.

They were also concerned that the 12 gauge shot gun that was alleged used to wound Mr. Watt, still had not been discovered.

The prosecution also received information that there is an ongoing feud between the community of GrandBay and another.

They are also concerned about the safety of the accused’s life.

In light of this, bail was denied.

Preliminary investigations into the matter will begin on July 22nd 2013 in GrandBay.

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