Grandbay Resident Property Damaged after Carnival

Ms. Jno Rose

Grandbay Resident, Ms. Mylinette Jno-Rose

The Public has commended the Police Force for the role that they played in ensuring that we all had a crime free carnival. Police Officers previously stated, although there were a few incidents during the carnival, there was nothing major.

However, Grandbay Resident Ms. Mylinette Jno-Rose, disagrees with this statement since she was one of those affected after MAS Dominik 2013.

Ms. Jno-Rose says she is unhappy with the condition of her property after the carnival activities every year.

Allegedly, Ms. Jno-Roses’ property, the galvanize section in particular, is being vandalized by carnival participants every year, and she says she cannot bear any more of it.

She also noted that she has to pay for the repair costs every year, which is not fair.

The Grandbay resident said she contacted the Police Officers to deal with the issue however; they did not make an appearance.

Carnival Season in Dominica is the time where locals and visitors come together to participate in our unique festival activities.

It is also the time where our culture and heritage is showcased in active celebrations.

The public is being asked to respect each other’s property, as well as their own.
Actions like these results into chaos, and can easily be avoided with just a small amount of respect.

Efforts were made to contact the Police Officers but proved futile.

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