Graneau moves a motion to develop a special fund to solve the land title deficiency for Kalinagoes

Minister of Carib Affairs, Honorable Ashton Graneau has said that he is in the process of addressing the land title deficiency in the Carib Territory, thereby paving the way for residents to better access funds at financial institutions.


Under the Carib Reserve Act, which was enacted in 1978, legal residents in the Carib Territory share communal ownership of the land, which many persons say pose as a barrier since there are no individual land titles.


Mr Graneau said that while he will continue to safeguard the legal boundaries of the Carib territory, he believes that the introduction of a special fund to assist Kalinagoes in that regard would be of tremendous benefit.


Graneau said that ‘people believe that we should hold our land in common. Yet there are a few people who believe that if we have titles that we can use to access funds there may be future problems. What I think we need to do is to create a special lending facility. That will assist Carib people, apart from having to use their land. This would be specifically for Carib people, I think that is the way to go’.

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