Grenada Government Salary Payments Delayed

GRENADA - Scores of government workers in Grenada, queued up in long lines in front of automatic teller machines (ATMS) on Friday afternoon after failing to receive their monthly salaries, on the scheduled June 28th date on Thursday.

The late payment of salaries appears, to be the latest sign of a cash flow problem for the government, which recently failed to meet wages for fortnightly workers employed in “debushing,” such as cutting branches overhanging roads and unblocking clogged drains.

A new round in the fortnightly “debushing program” was scheduled to begin on Monday, but reports are that it was put on hold at the last minute.

Sources say the reason is concern about the availability of cash, to meet wage demands at the end of the two-week period.
The late-payment of wages and salaries could cause more grumbling among Grenadians, who have been critical of government’s approach at creating jobs and reducing unemployment.

However the finance minister has, maintained that Grenada has done comparatively well in light of the world economic crisis, and that the country is on the road to economic recovery.

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