Grotto Home Project Needs Additional Funding to Continue

Grotto Home

In an effort to continue construction on the new Grotto Home for the Homeless, proposals for assistance has been sent to the Government, as officials struggle with a lack of funds for the project.

This situation occurred as the funds sourced for the project have already been utilized and the progress of construction is now being hindered.

Ms. Tina Alexander, Secretary of Community Hostels Incorporated, a non-governmental organization, which is the company responsible for the Grotto Home for the Homeless, says they are currently taking care of 42 residents at the moment.

She said the current building known as the former Dominica Club is just too small and is in a deplorable state, which is why they need the new building, which is being built in Belle Vue Rawle.

However additional funding is needed for phase two of the project.

Ms. Alexander says they have been very grateful for the Government’s support thus far, as they donated an acre of land, while leasing them another acre at the site in Belle Vue Rawle.

The project has been receiving a lot of donations from various organizations particularly the Baptist Church, who assisted with the first roof and has promised to do the same for the second roof.

Tina Alexander

Ms. Tina Alexander, Secretary of Community Hostels Incorporated

When completed, the new building will feature permanent housing and temporary housing aimed at the vagrants on the street who will come for meals and to relax.

Ms. Alexander pointed out that along with the cash challenges they are faced with, the issue of theft is also a concern, as recently their storeroom was broken into, but fortunately there was nothing for the thieves to take.

She says the people who did this should be aware that it makes no sense stealing from poor people.

She added that currently the project can only be done in pieces; that is when they receive donations they do some work till it is completed.

The project which is costing some $2.5-million dollars is expected to be ready by 2014.

However Ms. Alexander highlighted that additional budgeting is needed.


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