Grotto Home Receives Much Needed Donation

Barrel Of Donated Goods

The management, staff and residents of the Grotto Home for the Homeless were all smile on the morning of Monday October 29th, as they were the recipients of a much needed donation.

This donation which included food stuff, medication, and other items, was the kind gesture of United States based Dominican Mr. Yehbinda Ambrose, and his soon to be wife Ms. Cassandra Carrington.

Mr. Ambrose says the idea for the donation came about after he purchased his plane ticket to fly to Dominica for a month’s visit.

He said he did not want to come back to his country and feel like he did not do anything, so he hatched a plan to fill a barrel with supplies for the Grotto Home for the Homeless, so he could give back.

It started with just one box and he received a lot of support from co-workers and friends and family which evolved to a barrel of items.

Mr. Yehbinda Ambrose, and his soon to be wife Ms. Cassandra Carrington

He is grateful for the contributions and thanks all who made this possible for him.

He said he certainly will repeat this venture for a worthy cause.

Ms. Carrington was very happy to be a part of this worthy cause which is something she always wanted to do.

She was pleased with the teamwork between herself and Mr. Ambrose, in addition to family and friends for making this possible.

Public Relations Officer of the Grotto Home Mr. Parry Bellot, says this donation came at a perfect time as the needs of the Grotto need to be addressed in all ways possible.

Secretary of the Grotto Home Ms. Tina Alexander says, she was excited when she received the initial email from Ms. Carrington about the idea which finally came to a reality today.

Ms. Alexander added the items will be put to good use.

Goods Donated To The Grotto Home




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